Our Vision

Music is continously changing and we must adapt. But we realize that artisits have different visions. Some artists prefer the spontaneous sound that was created in the 1950s and 1960s where music was recorded by a performer or a band in a room with a few strategically placed microphones and classic recors were made often with a 4 or 8 track analog studio recorder.
Today studio environments are often "sterile" where musicians are seperated into different soung booths and each performer is recorded with multiple microphones and then mixed. In many cases the musicians may not even present at the same time for the recordings. A common complaint by some artists is that these recordings lack the vital intercation and emphasis on "playing music".
The Outlaw Music Studio will support both methods of recording to meet all our artists' needs. We provide full analog and digital recording with up to 38 simultaneous input channels. We offer Protools HDX recording and 24 track 2" analog recording and mixing.

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